AAA Review – What is AAA? Should I Purchase a Membership?

aaa reviewIn this AAA review, we talk about AAA roadside assistance, its past and current position. The acronym AAA stands for, “America Automobile Association” a leading North American company which started in the year 1902 serving over 54,000,000,000(million individuals) in the U.S. and Canada. The company’s nationally owned headquarters can be located at Heathrow, Florida.

The sole purpose of AAA is to serve it’s members roadside assistance services including several other amenities and products, it’s a leading non-profit organization. The organization has expanded into many sources such as recycling old batteries, tires and other commodities.

Literally, there is no place in America you’d not find a hub rendering AAA’s services as an additional feature to standard products in many industries especially focused on the automobile industry. Let us dig deeper before making a decision if we should or shouldn’t join as a member.


AAA Review – A Little History

In the city and state of Chicago Illinois, AAA had started in the year of 1901 that soon combined 9 other Motor Clubs to form the noteable American Automobile Association which is now famously known simply as AAA, all major motor clubs at that time had a combined total of 1,500 members.

Since the creation of the automobile began taking way it had only created opportunity, the less roads and highways that were available for drivers had only paved the way for AAA to insert the need for motorist who uses a vehicle on a daily basis, then things began to escalate from there. Triple A has been affiliated with hundreds of programs throughout the years, one known as the racing board focus fiercely on racing.


AAA special Road Coverage

The standard service that made AAA a huge household name around the United States is the prominent road coverage protection program which insure a road motorist will be covered in case of any common issue that comes along with their vehicle. AAA has always dominated with an iron fist since it’d been the only service provider that offer such extraordinary feature.

After many motor industries began to take notice of this niche market huge insurance companies began to start issuing similar services and not only insuring motorist for accidental coverage but partnering with AAA to secure a greater customer base.The process of summoning for help goes as follows: Place a call by relaying to the customer service representative the exact issue you are having which signifies one of the calls below.

The representative assigns you to a local road specialist to assist you shortly after placing the call regarding your disabled automobile. After completing the transaction usually someone from Triple A would call you back to ensure you’ve been served properly.


Emergency Roadside Service Plan

  • Towing
  • Lockout
  • Winching
  • Automotive First Aid
  • Battery Replacement
  • Tire Change


Contacting their services through unique towing companies to reach out to several million people expanded to all 50 states. Travel agencies and other corporate giants such as travel agencies, and highly regarded car rental businesses were approached for inclination to serve current and newcomers of AAA memberships.

AAA understood that the average consumer who own’s a vehicle several are national travelers. Knowing this paved the way for traveling maps & systems to being developed in their programs. People looked for discounts while on trips so booking reservations by using AAA kept the member active within AAA’s network.

Currently AAA provides services to not only motor bikes but cyclist as well, however, this particular feature is available in certain parts of the United Stares. Due to the increment of bicycles being bought more often on the market AAA has turned its sight on these particular consumers.

Cyclist are choosing to use the coverage for help with changing a tire if needed. Believe it or not cyclist would appreciate a helping hand from a AAA specialist from time to time with their bicycle. Efficient road service provided by a motor club requires you to have a valid ID and have with you the AAA membership card that should arrive in the mail shortly.

Referring to road protection coverage I have to recommend you Motor Club of America (due to the fact you’ve access up to 100 miles per tow) as the #1 membership for purchase for many reasons. AAA allow 5 miles then you’d pay $4 afterwards. When it comes to towing besides the fact you are allowed 100 miles the unlimited feature can come handy. That means the standard monthly subscribed member has over 36,000 miles of usage throughout each year.

Overall, AAA is an outstanding company that harbors numerous amount of discounts and benefits. I recommend the membership to those who are not looking for fully functional protection while on the road when heading to work or recreational time, instead, the Motor Club is an affordable way of keeping you and your family protected specifically when traveling national on vacation.

Wanna know my suggestion? Personally, I care less about prices when my car is disabled on the road. I suggest you order a subscription with a company who has you and your family in mind, not exclusively for vacation matters but 24 hours in a day throughout the entire year.