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The Best “Car Towing Service” for All Drivers

None of us expect to need the doctor, but we subscribe for health insurance. The same thing goes for roadside assistance coverage: none of us look forward to our automobiles to need a car towing service in the future, but only a few join a Motor Club. New car manufacturers issue an opportunity within their policies for motorist to gain roadside service for their vehicle.

Unfortunately, these documents are written in fine print in which you should study very closely for loopholes in the contract you’d be signing. The towing feature is covered under specific conditions pertaining to selective reasons placed in warranty for certain parts of your car in case of a breakdown, such as the engine, transmission, or any other piece of the vehicle protected under warranty rendering it disabled. Towing service only applies for limited reasons that are “exclusive” for that car, but the apparatus installed on the car must be under warranty in order for the car to be towed.

As a Motor Club member, we send a local tow truck from our list of partnering brands to your destination without the need of a warranty. The steps you must take are simple when you must be assisted immediately: Call the Motor Club, explain the problem, relay specifics about the vehicle, tell them where the car is (remain with the car until maintenance arrive), after the tow truck has come to the location to pick up the car, give him directions on where to drop the vehicle, take the receipt, soon, the motorist will get a phone call from the Motor Club to make sure things went well with the chosen car towing service for that day.

Congratulations, we have a special service at your disposal, it has been around for 80 years and unlike many clubs offering only 5 miles per towing event we offer up to 100 miles per tow. This company is called Motor Club of America or MCA, a roadside assistance company that issues different levels of monthly affordable auto club memberships. The unlimited towing service is available per incident for 365 days throughout the whole year. When others are paying up to $120 – $160 per tow you pay $19.95 a month without towing cost if a towing is applied. That’s right, the expenses you pay is the monthly price. Need a tow? Let’s go! Sign up today.
Remember: It takes 24 hours before the MCA roadside assistance feature on your membership will be activated. That means we won’t be able to dispatch any local towing service, flat tire service, locksmith service, battery boost service, or fuel delivery service until 24 hours have passed. Get signed up with a Motor Club of America today so you won’t have any problems getting help tomorrow. Immediately, click here to get your MCA membership now!

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