MCA – Affordable, Unlimited Roadside Assistance

MCA, a start-up company launched by William W. Green in 1926, was created originally for truck drivers. before the plans were reconstructed to equip the regular everyday motorist with cost-effective coverage. Despite the fact that MCA’s corporate office is located in Oklahoma, MCA partner with thousands of tow truck services and road tech mechanics to reach out to a broader audience throughout all 50 states.

The organization is responsible for the accumulation of over 7,000,000 MCA membership sign-ups from Canada, US and Puerto Rico, intriguing results. With access to road service help in your local area, as a member of Motor Club of America, the servicing company can generate a report from the MCA’s operator which state the nature of the job & problem, then send out a service road jockey according to your city & zip code once you’ve called MCA to address the incident.

Given that details match the criteria of the local company’s core focus, the closer the business station where your downed car’s vicinity is posted the greater chance the particular company will serve you. MCA distance themselves from their counterparts by not limiting users to few calls per year with very little miles enclosed per tow, but deliver unlimited authorization to countless volume of towing mileages assigned in your roadside benefits, which averages 36,400 miles each year of road servicing and multiple layers of high quality exclusive discounts once you’ve subscribed.


MCA (Motor Club of America) – The Best of the Best Road Service Plan Available Online

I admit, not many companies on the current market are reliable resources for emergency roadside insurance. However, there’s one that delivers magnificent results. Top corporations charge $20 – $40 on an annual basis. As the saying goes, “you get exactly what you pay for”.

That “one” company we talked about moments ago is called, “Motor Club of America” or the MCA. The actual subscription plan starts at $19.95 a month, but all you must pay is $39.90 for first and the last month’s billing cycle. Check out the outline listed below with details describing a brief summary of disclosed benefits and discounts.


MCA Roadside Assistance Benefits & Discounts – Total Security Plan

  • Unlimited Roadside Assistance: Towing, Locksmith Support, Battery Boost, Flat Tire Change, and Gasoline Refuel.
  • $25,000.00 worth bail bond for negligent homicide or vehicle manslaughter.
  • Travel reservations & trip planning discounts.
  • $5,000.00 worth stolen vehicle reward.
  • $2,000.00 worth attorney fee assistance.
  • $500.00 in arrest bond for small traffic violations.
  • $1,000.00 worth credit card protection.
  • $500.00 reimbursement in our travel assistance program.
  • $50,000.00 applied to you or a family as a result of injury or demise.
  • $500.00 worth emergency room reimbursements as a result of any accident.
  • $54,000.00 for your bill if admitted to the hospital for an occurred accident.
  • 65% off dental care, medical prescriptions, vision care, car rentals(8), upscale hotels

mca total security



Start a Career with MCA Independent Business Owner (IBO)

Contrast to other Motor Clubs, With MCA, the business assures clients a clear proposal once they have made a decision to join MCA on the wonderful journey, fresh new start on a believable career path.

Motor Club of America (MCA) motivation is to invest religiously in members rather than spend millions to advertise on billboards, television commercials, newspaper, postcards, blogs, solo ads, radio announcements, or any other type of media outlet because members that sign up to the program as an associate already perform the skillful legwork for MCA.

This maneuver proved to be credible for the economy (creating small business) and cut business expense for advertising. The compensation plan MCA has assembled is quite solid and balances extraordinarily well for the principle of the company.

TVC Marketing, the corporation who owns and behave as the head of MCA, pay Independent Business Owners (IBO) or affiliates 200% in commissions per package sold via the internet. Earnings made depends on the associate’s productivity 100% of the time.

Profits are compensated to each affiliate the reoccurring week on every Friday disbursed to your bank account. Associates are granted profits, if, at least one sell has been made during the week. No limitations for selling multiple MCA packages are set. Sell infinite amount of plans through a network or offline marketing system known as word-of-mouth, the outcome of success is in your hands.


MCA Weekly Earning Potential Payout Projection – (Monthly Retail Value $19.95)

mca compensation plan


Daily Draft stated this About MCA

“The average motorist, who shop for a car, have two values in mind: The cost (budget), manageable size and a reasonable warranty that will insure their family will not be stranded on the roadside in case of a breakdown, but protected with emergency auto care who’d come to the rescue regardless of the outcome on the road”. The standard emergency road packages handed out by your insurance or manufacturer carriers were not good, so I began to analyze and examine an assortment of online catalogs about roadside protection myself.

I discover many brands over the internet that cover roadside assistance has neat characteristics between each other, but nothing compares to MCA’s unlimited assists of 365 days a year, I can trust them. Looking for security for whenever you and your loved ones need help due to a disabled vehicle? 


I endorse MCA Roadside Assistance

For serious deal seekers, the statement above is understood well. This dilemma can help them determine the type of vehicle to select because of the cultural concept and the philosophy creates a fine image that correlates the idea of what makes a fitting family car unit. The auto dealer, who has a slew of cars that hold and deliver these premises which favor the customer’s economic predicament, is prone to become a target prospect in the long run for the dealership. Experts realize that middle class America in the modern American household does not consist of only 4 members, but 6 per unit and so does MCA recognize the statistics.

MCA built a strong infrastructure to cater the entire family within the household. Teens who attend college, stay-at-home moms who shop, and grandmother or grandpa who drive to bingo games will no longer fear abandonment if the car cease to function on the road. To preserve the integrity the foundation of the organization was founded upon, Motor Club of America or MCA sticks to core values: To forever remain unlimited, display gentle care & generosity to every member, and to never overcharge our users with obscene payments per auto service call. Join us through TVC Marketing at MCA and register for roadside protection, get unlimited!


Join a Green Technology Roadside Assistance Program for Servicing Your Vehicle

hybrid carFor those who own a hybrid automobile or bicycle, the opportunity to take advantage of the membership discount through Better World Club worth 15%. Better World have self proclaimed themselves to be the first organization to endorse an economical green technology company that releases road service enrollments for only $53.95 on annual basis.

Also, a charge of $15 in addition for people who ride bicycles, while participating in the development of environmental cleanup, is available to the public. The mission is to influence and convey a message to reduce fuel emissions released through motor combustion, join the revolution. You have the privilege to explore other savvy Motor Clubs such as AARP, MCA, Allstate, BP, and GM Motors among others.


History of Roadside Assistance

roadside assistanceThe growth of the emerging roadside assistance industry was caused by the insatiable desire to purchase an affordable automobile from early 1915 – 1995. The surge of car sells instigated the demand for road coverage protection. Today, common establishments known in the mainstream media such as AAA (Triple A – American Automobile Association), MCA (Motor Club of America), or AllState are just a few giant brands that serve the majority of the United States.

The changes in the consistent growing pattern of the automotive market, over the past 100 years, has sparked plenty of new concepts in modern day’s innovative technologies to supply emergency signals when a vehicle breakdown on the road. These implementations can be seen in smartphone applications, digital maps, and many other devices that accumulate information to be monitored by the service provider to favor the end user.

The average citizen born in the early 1900s, during the rise of the automobile field, understood and contained knowledge about how to repair their car by reference of the actual manual or engaged with tangible real-world exposure. The motorist didn’t have significant experience, but held enough skills to manage and preserve the upkeep of their own vehicle.

The typical motor, architecture, design, and standard car functions were built-in with such a basic format that people with conventional methods but limited education did not need a technician on standby. Since this was the start of the major mechanical engineer, the goal was to seek and improve the physical condition of the vehicle, at that time, the engine had to undergo reconstruction. Later, the race to develop a superior engine had begun, and the environment succeeds to expand with the progress of mobile utilities moving at a fast rate.


Going Deeper into Roadside Assistance

This meant intellectual practices that include experiments on computers combined with engines will replace traditional mechanics in the future. The movement to transform the steering wheel, customize the car radio, air brakes, brake pads, gear shift operations, and unveil a diverse quantity of brand new revolutionary engines prepared by top industrial automobile engineer companies such as General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford had taken place.

Modification to the car too, had begun to spread quickly as the style started to evolve, it made the apparatus look dominate and complicated. Therefore, motorist starts to depend on the services that supplied road service specialist who possessed suitable power tools to complete the job.

The outer landline telephone was the main source of communication for contacting the customer support line for auto help. Emergency network phones were also installed throughout the public, near the curbside, but were later deemed useless after discovering mobile gadgets were becoming the initial ingredient for instant contact.

This practice was improvised within other countries as an exercise or test. The normal time lapse for a tow truck to arrive at the destination was 1 hour or more after confirming. Since automotive related incidents were almost nonexistent a small amount of towing services were needed per city or community.


Here’s How Roadside Assistance Services Work

roadside assistance towingRoadside assistance or emergency road relief insurance provides motorist, whose car has encountered mechanical problems, a solution when stranded on or near the highway.

Unlike complicated automobile matters that require superior conservation from a professional body shop, roadside assistance specialist focus on specific assignments onsite: Towing, locksmith support, flat-tire aid, and dead-battery boost. An emergency road technician or specialist solves dilemmas that the primary car manufacturer consider to be lightweight mechanical work because a road mechanic perform fewer task compared to an overall pro-auto mechanic.

When a driver is confronted with a dysfunctional vehicle that requires immediate attention they’d contact a special type of auto maintenance service. Huge organizations, such as Triple A, Good Sam, or AARP are responsible for carrying out simple assignments described above, however, this depends on the motorist to report errors to the immediate company that exist after the incident has occurred. To qualify for roadside assistance the chief operator of the vehicle must subscribe to a Motor Club or apply for additional coverage under their current automobile insurance courier.

What is a Motor Club?

The role and mission of a Motor Club is to reserve a spot for motorist, if they register for enrollment to be accepted in the program which require a once a year fee, to enjoy the value the club has to offer related to automobiles or other perks no matter what province or state the purchaser is from. The sign up process to join most Motor Clubs involves the participant to complete a quick form which takes less than 5 minutes.

After paying a membership fee for a subscription, which the member pays month by month or annual basis, access is granted that consist of a great proportionate amount of benefits. A membership identification badge is presented through the mail within the package. The program chosen by the recipient will bear a brochure with a list of aid and discounts available for their interest at home or on-the-go. In order to be assisted by a professional the following steps populated below are necessary:

  • Contact the Company You’ve Joined – The 1-(800) phone number is attached and located on the back of the member’s membership card to contact customer service for real-time guidance. The time duration it takes for a representative to aid motorists on the phone, to service them in a productive manner, ranges around, 5 minutes on occasion depend on how many incoming calls the troubleshooter must handle.
  • Relay Your Situation to the Operator – Once the motorist reaches an customer service operator, they will help the motorist step by step over the phone: collect data about the disabled vehicle (year, model, make, color, registrar, and the complication that render the car incapacitated), suggest and select a local company that is available in the areas, then, dispatch help to the appointed position. The motorist, has to explain what kind of symptom the car display before assistance can be dispatched to the location.
  • Await for the Arrival of the Technician – Present your name, issued state identification card, and be present or stand beside the car so the specialist will be able to identify you as the caller. There is no need to give the technician any additional instructions on what to do, as the customer service operator has relayed the message to the company already, however, wait for further direction from the operator as they’ll call you back in a couple of moments to check the progress of the job.


The Job of Emergency Roadside Assistance Technicians

mca roadside assistanceThe job of the emergency road technician, is to assist individuals who need help from a road professional, to perform a series of task as follows: Battery jump-start, this feature is a frequent edition used if a motor operator battery dies for a set of reasons, such as, defected alternator, overexertion, or many other auto casualties.

Towing service, This part is used if the transmission had blown, or if a traffic collision takes place that total the vehicle, nonetheless, dozens of unpleasant conceptual events happen that result in a tow truck to be called. The type of tow truck suggested for such incident such as, a car crash, is the flatbed. A unique towing service called, Antownio, another small business with a good track record.

If I locked my keys in the car by accident, I’d use a locksmith support feature from my package deal to have a road support specialist dispatched to my area to unlock my car, such as Pop-A-Lock. Expenses remain unpredictable for gasoline at the fuel pump per gallon. With the price of oil showing no sign of stabilizing. Based on the reaction of the economy, for the typical sedan, a consumer have to spend between $18 – 25 to fill up the tank while the average expenditure for a truck or SUV will cost $50 to fill to its capacity.



With that said, a road specialist only delivers the essential volume of fuel per transaction for each case call. This move reduces the risk of the company to not lose funds. For the people who’ve run out of gas by mistake can result to the useful feature called, fuel delivery assistance. One of the most utilized maintenance feature that is common for members to use is tire change support, that’s right, if the tire goes flat the service will assist you with the unfortunate problem.

With hundreds of companies starting to appear more often in the roadside assistance industry people have become more aware of the choices they make before purchase. The time your car become unresponsive while you drive along the road you’d realize it is a good feeling to know you joined a service that has you, your family, and motor vehicle in mind when the emergency is needed. Sometimes the right equipment isn’t in your immediate possession to correct the problem or you may not hold the adequate experience for repairing the automobile whatsoever, that’s okay.

Brands such as Geico, MCA, Allstate, State Farm, usaa, Ford, Mercedes, BMW roadside assistance and other known companies have catapulted into heavy hitters in this industry, supplying the middle-class motorist with memberships to guarantee protection on the road, the rising of the Motor Clubs. Today, multi-national businesses have combined this specific niche into their own behemoth amount of current services and have offered a distinctive attraction to ongoing consumers, whom are motorists. This extends from car dealerships, insurance companies, credit-card handlers, car rental agencies, mobile phone companies, and automobile repair shops.


Big Brands Filling in the Blanks

Despite growing brands like Jaguar, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Audi, Acura, or AARP roadside assistance, it appears most try to manipulate the wanted road service, it even seems that the upcoming clones are nearly related to the original brick-and-mortar businesses that already offer roadside service. However, they are antonymous towards one another. Each company’s plan is outlined in a different way. While some programs connect unlimited coverage, such as towing within their strategy as a way to win customers’ attention some will only cover a limited amount of miles per tow ranging from $4 – $8 for every mile. Coverage with limited mileage will leave a motorist stranded or burdened with an outrageous bill.

Coming from Progressive, Honda, Nationwide, State Farm, liberty mutual, the job of the road technician is not complicated given the natural elements outside are not appalling: Rain, snow, or hail. Road technicians don’t waste time after the dispatch has been made. The correct message must be relayed well with details about the incident to the road technician from the operator so that the proper tools are brought to the site.

The driver of the vehicle must remain with the vehicle and have records to present the road technician. The operator will respond back with the driver to insure the job has been completed. The road technician will give an exact location and time he’d arrive. No downloadable application on a mobile phone can compare to direct communication with an actual human when it comes to retrieving trusted roadside assistance, ever!


Watch Out for Loopholes in Your Roadside Assistance Plan

car insurance policyRoadside assistance is not created equal and you’ll learn that if you read the fine print in each document, you’d save you a lot of headaches and pain later as you scan through this passage.

When you utilize roadside assistance the rates fluctuate from restitution to restitution for every tow truck trip made, which varies beneath many car insurance company’s guidelines to round-the-clock service Motor Clubs such as Better World, Geico or AAA. Motor Clubs charge annual fees up to $65 – $130 for a number of service calls that include towing, flat-tire changing, oil refuel, locksmith technician, coolant recovery, automobile stuck assistance, and battery boost.

Several other benefits as a member of a motor club include travel assistance, travel maps, travel planning & directions, bail & arrest bond, car rental & hotel discounts, prescription discounts, hospital benefit in case you’ve gotten in a car accident and need to be transported to the hospital for treatment. More additional benefits come with packages such as the legal benefit, in which a lawyer is paid by the road coverage company to stand on your behalf in case of a motor incident.


Using Mobile Applications for Roadside Assistance 

Applications does exist, such as Onstar the tracking device. For instance, if you’ve been involved in an incident causing your car to be disabled the automobile is set up by OnStar to automatically call for immediate assistance then give Geo-location to where the wreck or confined vehicle is located. Additional contraptions similar to OnStar are constantly being developed within the common automobile for the benefit of the owner specifically tailored to supplement the roadside service industry. Other identical road communication device applications are available for download such as MapQuest, and service materials.

With deals being released on a daily basis one comes to mind, fronting new car buyers with a plan offering free coverage up to 3-4 years. Automobile manufacturers include these amenities within the warranty provided that the car is brand new that you buy. The warranty is dependent upon what is covered under the penalty of your automobile being disabled. If you’ve purchased an absolutely brand new Mercedes-Benz, under their policy, you are covered for that car for life, no matter what.

The arguments vary on each warranty for certain car dealerships under the roadside service plan. I’m speaking of Toyota and Chrysler dealer which has an unlimited free towing that carry your car back to the hub or the maintenance terminal that exist, compliments of the actual manufacturer, however, that depends solely what incident has been covered in the agreement. For instance, no tow is permitted by the dealer unless covered for the cause which means that if your vehicle is disabled due to an unfortunate issue, such as, faulty engine problems with worn out spark plugs, you may be required to upgrade coverage before authorized specialist are permitted to assist the situation.


Roadside Assistance is Huge in the Automotive Industry

Roadside assistance has conjured a gigantic market and speared off many brands that is locally available in your area. Well-known companies such as AAA and Allstate, which are only a small fraction of companies in existence that are thrving at a rapid pace have already secured their position and issued well-tight informed contracts to established companies like BMW.

This tactic will insure that motor vehicle consumers are tied into or have an option at grasp to acquire an upgrade to the roadside assistance feature on their current plan and warranty. With over 75% of drivers provided by the Massachusetts-based Cross Country Automotive Services AAA has surely supplanted many providers in surrounding areas of supplemental motor coverage.

AAA runs a vast network that manages over 50 million members. Whenever you need help with your disabled vehicle, a specialist is never too far off to reach since most AAA’s technicians and tow partners are only a couple of minutes away.


MCA Customer Example:

In one case scenario, a gentleman by the name of Gary Clarence explained his problem with a Motor Club:

“A motor club had taken 8 hours to arrive at our home to tow my new SUV back to the auto dealership I bought it from. The dealer was ready to remove faulty parts placed inside my SUV, then relinquish us with better replacements, it sounded like a beautiful idea. The plan was they’d replace those with the fresh parts and to install fee was going to be zero. This transaction was to be completed within an instance of 2 hours or less before nightfall during the holiday.

It was unfortunate for me and my wife, we missed Christmas with our friends and family that season. We were in Georgia heading North towards Boston. There was only one exception for using this motor club, it was the roadside coverage of the towing feature, but, the experience was terrible, after we had reached the 5 mile limit, they charged us per mile instead of treating it as a courtesy for being late but the dealership had closed after hours”.

Imagine, waiting in the cold for help in this disaster displayed above. The fact remains, not every motor club under the sun is special. Sure, each carrier has a unique set of hammer and nails to complete the job wanted done, but neither have reached absolute perfection as far as being on time.

  • Tip: In response to receiving an answer from the Motor Club, remember to jot down details on a piece of paper about the partnering car towing company you will deal with after arrival in your proximity such as, the company name, and phone number. Therefore, you can contact the business to translate for better understanding and intake accurate communication. Any problem can arise on a trip to the destination of the motorist location: Flood, heavy snowfall or rain, emergency road accident, or several other calamities. As drivers, all we can do is be kind and patient.


The Plan, How it Works?

roadside assistance plansHaven’t yet considered to go with a paid or free roadside protection coverage plan? First, you must understand the fine points of what each plan proposes.

Let me share with you the difference of these plans, this may seem confusing, but you’ll get the gist of it in time. For instance, Allstate roadside assistance Motor Club will cover you a choice of any type of vehicle, just as long as you are the primary individual operating the vehicle. Opposed to car insurance, one vehicle is permitted to use road coverage per member, exclusive.

Motor clubs cover any vehicle per passenger unless you personally asked to include other passengers such as family members, otherwise, others are excluded from the plan. For instance, if you’ve applied at Volvo for a new car, once you’ve been approved and subscribed for coverage then you must wait for the current coverage to expire before adding extra vehicles, you have to pay a annual fee of $69.


Big Time Players in Roadside Assistance Game

The feature addition that Verizon and Sprint PCS has put together is pretty decent for this industry. Say for example, your wife is shopping at the grocery store. Everything is well until she arrives back to her car, only to realize it’s disabled. If she has your mobile phone, she’s allowed to activate the road service protection system to obtain immediate facilitation. This feature is accessible to anyone whom possess a Sprint or Verizon mobile phone.

Review the plan credentials close, and you’d discover car rentals are guarded in the records. You can adjust information to add additional family members to the auto club for a fee of any vehicle of your choice. Covering you, your spouse and children under 21 living in your house, General Motor Club cost an annual fee of $49.95 a year. GM cars announced they purchased their own private deals, which is totally antonymous to the actual Motor Club feature through GM ,so, do not make a mistake and mix the two policies by accident.

An acquired Lexus roadside assistance plan allows the user to have their vehicle towed to the original dealer or a local repair shop that operates nearby. Don’t forget, over-exceeding your mileage per tow can cause extra charges. This includes other companies that you may encounter in the future.

In doing more research, I detected that it’s probable to upgrade your membership for more mileage to be added with your active user account, especially with AARP. By having 5 miles per tow attached for a fee of $74, you have the opportunity to register coverage for your entire family. However, if you upgrade for $25 the mileages per tow surge upward from 5 to 100 at an much more advanced level. Not bad for a subscription that has a limit of 4-5 trips per year for road service specialist assistance, in terms of keeping it separate for vacation matters.


Which Roadside Service Plan is Best for You?

which roadside assistance plan is the bestYou have to look at it this way, would you not allow you and your family to be covered with the best health insurance. Although you don’t need the doctor to be present everyday, it’s good to pay that premium every month knowing you are covered because you’d never know when it is needed, right? The same idea applies to protecting yourself with automobile insurance and roadside service coverage.

The plan doesn’t have to be special neither, in other cases deciding which is the best option to subscribe for can be a bit of a hassle at times. Let’s take a look at a few standard procedures you should have clear knowledge about before electing a pro-choice candidate for covering your automobile.


Guidelines to Remember Before Purchasing Coverage

  • Check with your present car insurance association to learn if a plan is active. If one isn’t, what type of roadside coverage is available under the preferred insurance company that you can subscribe to.
  • If haven’t done so already, enable coverage to include the entire family while at work or at home, the convenient option must be available or attainable.
  • Review or investigate how much allowance the company will dispatch a roadside specialist to the destination your car is disabled and needs towing through the current provider.
  • Are you comfortable with only 5 miles per tow? Compare prices, subscriptions, and emergency road request per year allowed before you make a decision.
  • Remember, check with your credit-card handler or cellphone provider to get a better understanding of what advantage you have with their advance plans. On a normal policy, you are shielded for any vehicle you drive besides your own just as long as your actual product (cell phone or credit-card) is in effect. You have a choice of Verizon, Sprint PCS, and much more in the future.


Read your contract with care. Some, if not all plans have precise limitations of what jobs service technicians can execute. For instance, say that your car ends up in a body of water, breaks down on the highway, or plows into someone’s house, chances are you’re not covered under the appropriate plan for those damages. Be vigilant when reading the small print to insure you won’t compromise your own integrity by accident.



  •– With a network boasting over 50 million users AAA has proven to gain prominence with their road service.
  • – A flat tire…Empty gas tank… Engine break down… Allstate wants every driver to be safe on the road.


Food for Thought

With car insurance, you have to keep an accurate list of how many times the road service has been used. Since you are only allowed a certain amount of calls per year, you will be charged. The usage of your roadside assistance benefits such as the towing service part of the contract will raise your premium rates. Insurance companies consider road assistant calls to be a serious negatives for common reasons. In the eyes of the majority of companies, if you utilize the road protection section in the agreement you are partially responsible if a tow truck service has to assist you in picking up the car if its disabled.

This resembles close to accidental claims, which you are fundamental liable to handle in a lesser degree in some form. The company’s structure reflects total upon the subscriber’s ability to keep the health of the vehicle up-to-par to avoid high, but minimum risk. Check your insurance policy and read each line very careful to search for the possibility of a boost in car insurance premiums from the use of road service.

In conclusion,

MCA (Motor Club of America) discloses a general plan for its users. An authentic subscription policy that covers unlimited roadside assistance with no out-of-pocket expense. The automotive enthusiast praises the simple interrelation MCA has arranged for those who join. A car maker, auto manufacturer, or car insurance provider will not guarantee a well-grounded specific solution for roadside assistance, but, with the transparent outline Motor Club of America put together for its members, the company will continue to experience a hike in the next 10 years.


The Owner of,
Jermaine Pleas