Should You Purchase A Motor Club of America Membership?

The Definitive Guide to “Motor Club of America” Also Known as “MCA”
motor club of americaThe explosive reaction for more roadside assistance coverage from the public has grown sensationally overtime due to the need of the average motorist. The common family need a vehicle for normal day to day activities ranging from going to school, work, or vacationing, and these scenarios have absolutely increased. To put it simple, vast amount of conventional automobiles have flooded the streets exponentially for the past ten years without showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. This problem only spells opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses around the nation, a solution. The fact remain, 60% of individuals in the United States own a car rather if its new or used to end up stranded while attempting to reach your desired destination is a horrible experience. People want more out of their membership purchased from high-end companies like AAA road service membership currently available to the public. Today, we are going to perform a full review on MCA, let’s begin.

Who is Motor Club of America?

Motor Club of America was started by a gentleman who’s name is William W. Green. Mr Green had come from Atlantic City, NJ, and born in 1900. In 1929 Mr Green had became the prominent CEO of MCA which was then at the time known as “Motor Club of America Insurance Company”. Mr Green and his family grew the company for over 50 years until 1986.

A Texas native who goes by the name of Virgil Coffee debut his career with MCA around the 1960s and continued to unleash combative marketing techniques used formerly with his company Pre-paid legal which is now known as “Legal Shield” today. TVC Marketing Associates Inc which was started by Virgil Coffee after having a successful run with MCA as the leading president at the time. The acronym TVC stands for “Truckers Voice in Court” since that was the standard for starting the branch, to represent truckers in court who are involved in trucking incidents.

For several years truckers were the sole concern for providing service which was the TVC Pro-Driver Plan until average motor vehicle recipients began to show major promise, and that meant opportunity for expanding the business. With Virgil Coffee at the helm of marketing, the company began to restructure its plan to fit the everyday motorist. These are the people who travel on the road consistently, so, immediately they inserted the business within the market space to accumulate over 9 million users up-to-date.

What Does the Company Offer?

First, you have the membership itself in which you purchase through TVC marketing associate website known as TVC Matrix. The company offers roadside assistance benefits & discounts to it’s potential members which are comprised of 5 different plans to choose from:

1. Security(Price: $9.95 a month)
2. Security Plus(Price: $14.95 a month)
3. Total Security(Price: $19.95 a month)
4. Total Security Gold(Price: $29.99 a month)
5. or Total Security Platinum(Price: $39.99 a month)

Motor Club of America connects you with local roadside service specialist available in your area. The company partner with towing service businesses for the convenience of each customer. With 100 miles per tow, that’s 36,400 miles per year under your belt for every incident that occur with your automobile. MCA cover the cost which means no out-of-pocket expense, compliments as a club member. Currently, the particular road coverage plan that majority people are more attracted to and will likely subscribe with is the “Total Security” feature. Why? It’s cheaper, but fully covers the ordinary individual which means unlimited roadside assistance service is in your grasp. Here’s what the standard unlimited road benefits entail:


Roadside Coverage Plan


  • Unlimited Towing Service Privileges(100 miles per tow)
  • Flat Tire Change Service Calls
  • Fuel Delivery Service Calls
  • Battery Boost Service Calls
  • Locksmith Service Calls


Discounts & Benefits


  • Trip Planning and Travel Reservations
  • $500 Worth Travel Assistance Reimbursement
  • $500 Worth Arrest Bond
  • $25,000 Worth Bail Bonds
  • Attorneys Fees up to $2,000
  • Stolen Vehicle Reward up to $5,000
  • $1,000 Worth Credit Card Protection
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Travel Assistance Program
  • Free Discount Card for Prescriptions, Vision Care, and Dental


When Will My Membership Arrive to My Home or Destination?

Immediately after placing an order for one of the plans you’ll be given a date to how long it will take to receive your purchase. Usually, the package would arrive within your mailbox between 5 – 10 business days. The package is comprised of your MCA road service card for emergency road assistance(which includes an additional key chain card link)& The discount Wellcard membership. In a rare case, if your membership package haven’t arrived in your mailbox after the allocated time call MCA’s customer service representative to track your order.


Where Can I Purchase a Membership?

MCA can be found in many places on the internet as agents are constantly promoting the service on a daily basis. Interested in subscribing to an plan today? This page can assist you step by step on signing up as a Motor Club member in less than 10 minutes, the process is extremely easy. If you are ready to purchase unlimited roadside coverage, click here to subscribe to Total Security for roadside coverage, benefits, and discounts instantly.


How Long Does it Take Before I Can Use My Membership?

Your membership is active after 24 hours of ordering a plan of your choice. Make sure to check your email after completing the form to insure you’ve been contacted by MCA. The information obtained within the email should contain your MCA identification number, and the 1-800 phone number which connects you to the a customer service representative that will be happy to assist you on solving your automobile problem.


Why Should I Purchase a Membership?

The fact of the matter is everyone despise being stranded on the wayside of the road due to a disabled car. To insure that you and your family have access to the best roadside service coverage that is available nationally who only has your interest in mind you must go unlimited. Rather if you are traveling to Florida, California, Georgia, or Idaho your desire is to reach your destination without any troubles with your automobile but that is not always the case. With “MCA” you are guaranteed to have obtained a high quality Motor Club membership that’ll keep you protected 365 days a year.

In conclusion, I have researched several car insurance companies that support different road service features but none of them have compared to the value Motor Club of America has established over the course of 80 years. The company continues to grow through supporters of those who actually use the benefits, those are over 9,000,000 active members. Join and begin using the benefits & discounts offered that so many are enjoying today.


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