Towing Service

24 hour towing serviceA 24-hour towing servicebetter known as a towing company is a emergency automotive unit or organization that specifically hauls other automobiles. These businesses often operates a squadron of tow trucks that moves vehicles from one place to another. The average customer has two options available for towing on request: a flatbed  or wrecker tow truck.

Tow truck services can handle several types of heavy vehicles. That list stems from boats, 1-ton trucks, RV trailer homes, motorcycles, and of course 2 to 4-door cars. Towing services usually engage and partner with big brand Motor Clubs to build customer acquisition.


MCA Towing Service – Keeping Motorist Covered & Ready

MCA towing service has a huge customer base of over 7,000,000 cardholders. Overall, we’ve partnered and connected with over 2,000 auto mechanic lightweight mechanics in the United States & Canada. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure every motorist holding a MCA membership across the country will have a towing service specialist team ready to assist you immediately.

Fortunately, you’ve found this article and discovered MCA towing service, the corporation that has its customers in mind. Understand, none of us expect the worse to happen while travelling, but we must me prepared when things seems too easy. You can never be too careful to ignore the probability of your automobile breaking down.

With our vast towing service network on call, take advantage of the MCA Total Security package. Amazingly, you get 100 towing mileages per day on every unique incident. That is a staggering 36,000 miles per year in free towing on this membership plan. As a matter of fact, the program have four extra roadside assistance features that we think you will be very interested in:


MCA Towing Services – How Does it Work?

The process is really quick and quite thorough. Each situation a person experiencing is unique and requires special attention while other auto related issues are fairly simple. At any rate, let’s breakdown steps it will take to achieve maximum success to help motorist get the response needed to resolve the automobile problem.


I. Call Customer Helpline – First, on the back of your MCA car you must call the number listed. Respond to the automated operator by telling them to feed your call to the roadside assistance.

II. Give the Necessary Information – The operator will ask for your first/last name, MCA card identification number, driver’s license number, and license plate number. The process is to verify who you are.

III. Explain the Automobile Issues – Finally, explain the problems you are experiencing with your car to the representative. Afterwords, MCA will dispatch the team needed to resolve the problem at your location. You have to remain with the vehicle until the towing service or auto mechanic arrive.

IV. Courtesy Call from MCA – MCA will make another call to verify that the job has been completed successfully. The auto service provider sent out by MCA should’ve left you a receipt.

You don’t pay a dime for the service call. The only expenses you have to be concerned with is maintaining the monthly maintenance of $19.95. The service is extremely valuable considering the cost for these features you pay out-of-pocket alone. We do not compete with the major brands because there are no competitors who surpass our service.


MCA Total Security – Extensive MCA Automobile Emergency Features

The MCA Total Security plan is the overall flagship product and is the leader of all packages. Compared to several plans that are currently on the market, we offer an outstanding line of discounts and legal benefits with our emergency roadside assistance features. As long as you remain a monthly member of course, all features presented below are free and accessible. That also includes the towing service that contains 100 miles per unique incident a day.


Extra MCA Features


  • Flat Tire Changing Service – This problem exist all over the country. In fact, motorist experience this issue every minute on every second. Unfortunately, a punctured tire can occur at any moment during travel due to scattered debris. The MCA card contains the main emergency roadside assistance number. Call to retrieve an immediate flat tire tech as soon as possible.
  • Car Gas Delivery Service –  Imagine, you are 5 miles away from without a gas station in sight. All of a sudden, your car runs out of gas. This service will make sure a unit comes out to have your fuel tank is refueled as soon as possible. The car gas delivery service will charge you for the gasoline only and not the fee for coming out, we take care of the rest.
  • Car Lockout Service – Incidentally, people lock their keys in the car while talking on the mobile phone, rushing, or simply not thinking clearly. This problem persist on a daily basis, unfortunately it can’t be cured. However, this epidemic can be resolved, just call the MCA customer service rep and they’ll to send out a locksmith technician to your area.
  • Car Battery Boost Service – The car battery can loose energy if the lights on the inside or outside of the automobile are left on overnight. This incident happens a lot, but can be easily corrected by calling our customer service roadside assistance hotline.


Important Reminder

Remember, after paying the first and last month term fee, you must wait 24 hours before we can assist you. Moreover, we strongly suggest you pick a membership before an occurrence of an personal automobile incident. Why do we suggest this? Because you must wait 24 hours after purchase to get help. Furthermore, protect yourself now and avoid this mistake in the future by signing up for coverage today.